Friday, July 18, 2008

Up the hill to eat khir (rice-pudding) (30/5/2008)

View down to main trail through village, with buffalo grazing

View (south) of village from upper ward 1

The houses higher up thatch their roofs with split-bamboo (malingo)

View of the village from above the main (community-owned) forested area

Portrait of my friend "Mohan-Sir"

The first shed (goT) above the village. Wheat grain, to be brewed, is boiling

View of the fire in the first shed up the hill

View towards the shed as we continue upwards

khir - rice-pudding - on the boil using some 5 litres of fresh buffalo milk

The master khir-maker, and buffalo herder who lives in a village down river but works up here (by renting the land)

Helping to stir

Cooked khir served up and offered to various local deities on leaves, both inside and outside the shed

Ready to eat

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