Friday, July 18, 2008

Goodbye program

Decorations in front of the central seat

Kailash - the "MC"; school children, in the background, begin to arrive

The ceremonial "tongba" - millet beer, with endless-refill-thermos

Children gather around the MC for the first song of the program

A partly-paralysed Limbu woman, wife of a former British and Indian army soldier

Villagers, including my good friend SB on the far left, and CM on the far right

"ke-lang" (L) or Chebrung (N); the traditional Limbu dance

The husband (on the right) of the woman I mentioned above

Members of the "mother's group" dance the rice-paddy-dance - "ya'rakma" (L); dhān nāch (N)

Girls from ward 5 perform a dance

Girls from ward 3 performing a dance

An improvised dance: limbu-anglo fusion

Receiving flower garlands and giving thanks

View from the garlanded-seat

Spectacular performance from a boy who lives in Jhapa (but was born in the village) and is training in dance

Later that evening, laden with gifts and covered in petals and red paint

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