Friday, July 18, 2008

Some last images

TR's house. His wife, SL, looks in as daughter prepares to remove churned butter

SL weighs out some butter

An evening meal with DB's family

IB and his grandson in their workshop


AP and BR's wife drinking tongba

AP with her two grandchildren

BM and her son "maila" - these were my two of my hosts

Down the hill, ward 4

Goodbye program

Decorations in front of the central seat

Kailash - the "MC"; school children, in the background, begin to arrive

The ceremonial "tongba" - millet beer, with endless-refill-thermos

Children gather around the MC for the first song of the program

A partly-paralysed Limbu woman, wife of a former British and Indian army soldier

Villagers, including my good friend SB on the far left, and CM on the far right

"ke-lang" (L) or Chebrung (N); the traditional Limbu dance

The husband (on the right) of the woman I mentioned above

Members of the "mother's group" dance the rice-paddy-dance - "ya'rakma" (L); dhān nāch (N)

Girls from ward 5 perform a dance

Girls from ward 3 performing a dance

An improvised dance: limbu-anglo fusion

Receiving flower garlands and giving thanks

View from the garlanded-seat

Spectacular performance from a boy who lives in Jhapa (but was born in the village) and is training in dance

Later that evening, laden with gifts and covered in petals and red paint

La Zucchina - the Italo-Nepal "orto"/homegarden

Tekadin - a day in ward 3

JB shows me how many children, grand-children and great-grand-children he has: 27+3=30

Two of JB's grandchildren

View from JB's house with cut and stacked wheat, and bright-green rice paddy seedlings.

View across lower ward 4 and 5 (southwards) from ward 3

Basket (Doko - डोको) weaving

View up-river

View from upper ward 2 looking up-river towards Yampudhim village (north-east wards)

Up the hill to eat khir (rice-pudding) (30/5/2008)

View down to main trail through village, with buffalo grazing

View (south) of village from upper ward 1

The houses higher up thatch their roofs with split-bamboo (malingo)

View of the village from above the main (community-owned) forested area

Portrait of my friend "Mohan-Sir"

The first shed (goT) above the village. Wheat grain, to be brewed, is boiling

View of the fire in the first shed up the hill

View towards the shed as we continue upwards

khir - rice-pudding - on the boil using some 5 litres of fresh buffalo milk

The master khir-maker, and buffalo herder who lives in a village down river but works up here (by renting the land)

Helping to stir

Cooked khir served up and offered to various local deities on leaves, both inside and outside the shed

Ready to eat